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Here at Knack for Details, your satisfaction is our top priority

Knack for Details is a certified refinishing company that provide collision repair, paint services as well as paint system maintenance.

At Knack for Details, we can cover the life of your paint systems from inception (actual paint job) to maintenance, which involves simple washes to paint protection such as wax, sealants and ceramic coatings. Our ideal relationship with customers and their vehicles gives us the ability to schedule and provide the appropriate service at the appropriate time by knowing the history of the paint system.

We believe in building long term relationships with our customers, this is why we place special emphasis on professionalism and customer satisfaction.

Welcome to Knack For Details:
Where Minutiae Matters.

Conveniently Located in Butler, Wisconsin

We offer everything you need to keep your vehicle looking great all year round. Our services are perfect for every need & budget!

Specializing In:

Auto Detailing
Paint Correction
Ceramic Coating
Minor Collision Repair
Painting Services
Wheels and Tire Cleaning
Shampooing & Extraction
Engine Degreasing
Exterior Wash & Dry